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Located in the heart of Grand Teton National Park, the Climbers’ Ranch is operated by the American Alpine Club to provide mountaineers and their families with overnight accommodations without the congestion and time limitations of public campgrounds. For many climbers, the Ranch has become a very special place. This web-site is not affiliated with the American Alpine Club, but was created and is maintained by private individuals who are passionate about the Climbers’ Ranch, to provide web-based resources for Teton climbers and hikers.  We hope you will find it useful.  Welcome to our site!

Photo by Robert Hyman

Photo by Robert Hyman

Work Week News

Check out the latest news about Work Week 2015

Photo of the Month

What Work Week volunteers do the day after Work Week

What Work Week volunteers do the day after Work Week

Summit of Jackson Peak — Dave Diller, Brian Diller, Pam Olsen, Al Sanchez, and Eric Olsen  (Scott Fife photo)



New from the AAC: Philip Swiny, able Ranch manager for a couple of years now, has started devoting himself full-time to his position as Facilities Manager for the American Alpine Club. In addition to GTCR, the Club now has the Hueco Rock Ranch, the New River Gorge Campground, and the Gunks Campground (scheduled for opening in spring 2015).

Management of the Ranch for 2015 will be in the able hands of Gary and Debbie Bunton, our assistant managers during Philip’s term.

Still flying off the shelves, its the latest GTCR Brochure

Climbers’ Ranch Video

Casey McCoy produced and filmed an excellent video introduction to the Climbers’ Ranch before returning to college.  Check out Casey’s nice work.